11 Feb 2021

TED – Tourism Sales Series: Understanding your Routes to Market - From Connection to Conversion

Delivered by Kate Taylor, Taylored Training, as part of Tourism NI's ongoing Tourism Enterprise Development (TED) Programme.

The first in our series of sales focussed webinars, this interactive and detailed session covers the direct and indirect routes to making sales.

As small tourism businesses it is vital that we understand both the technical and emotional aspects of engaging with your direct customers, tour operators and online travel agents.

You will be taken through the very practical steps of Clarity (understanding our markets), Compromise (being a partner rather than a client), Connection (REALLY understanding their needs) and Conversion (the follow up and turning leads into sales).

The session is interactive and we welcome questions throughout which will be picked up in a live Q&A segment at the end of the webinar.

Registration is open to any businesses within the NI tourism and hospitality industry.