Business Resilience & Leadership in a Crisis for Tourism Businesses

This webinar was delivered as part of Tourism NI's Tourism Enterprise Development (TED) Programme by Feargal McCormack, Managing Director of PKF-FPM. Feargal has significant experience in thought leadership, business development and dealing with clients in the tourism industry in the SME and micro enterprise sector.

Recognising that the coronavirus pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on leaders in business, Feargal outlined how business resilience and leadership is key to ride out uncertainty instead of being overpowered by it.

During this session Feargal discussed key areas that businesses should consider at this time and what steps can be taken to ensure businesses can not only overcome COVID-19, but will be in as strong a position as possible to respond when the opportunity comes. Areas for discussion will included: Leadership; Teamwork and shared responsibility; Taking decisions; Culture; Internal and external communications; People Management; Agility; Embracing change.

This session was open to any businesses within the NI tourism and hospitality industry.

If you missed it you can view our Business Resilience and Leadership in a Crisis for Tourism Businesses below.

Please click here to access a summary of questions & responses from the session.