Covid 19 Tourism Outlook 1st June

Covid 19 Tourism Outlook aims to bring you economic, market and consumer intelligence along with the impact of key enablers on tourism as plans to move towards recovery emerge. We aim to keep you informed through analysis, best practice and thought provoking predictions as people, governments and industry take stock and plan for a ‘new normal’.

At a glance:


Consensus appears to be that we are now in what economists call the ‘U’
shape (a slower and longer recovery), a view affirmed in statements recently made by the UK Chancellor.


Sentiment around intention to travel is more optimistic for later in the
year but when and where to visit continues to be tempered by concerns about hygiene and social distancing. The tourism sector is responding with practical operational measures.

Air Access:

More major airlines have issued dates for when they will resume flights,
however the official advice remains not to travel overseas unless essential. Consumer rights issues on obtaining refunds for cancelled flights are front of mind for manywould be travellers , alongside safety concerns when air travel resumes.

Travel and Tourism Industry:

Here in NI the recovery taskforce is now up and running. We provide details of published recovery plans across the UK and Ireland, relevant to tourism. We continue to highlight industry sectoral plans as they emerge.