Covid 19 Tourism Outlook - 26th June

Covid-19 Tourism Outlook brings you economic, market and consumer intelligence along with the impact of key enablers on tourism as plans to move towards recovery begin. We aim to keep you informed through analysis, best practice and thought provoking predictions as government and people prepare for reopening and the tourism sector seeks to welcome back its customers.

At a glance:


Key opinion formers, economists and finance leaders are consistent in their
analysis of the extent of Covid 19’s impact that recovery will not be immediate and a very different landscape will emerge with some advocating to reorient economies in a more sustainable direction that prioritises well being and quality of life.


As countries emerge from lockdown consumer sentiment and analysis
indicates that people want to relax and have fun, and these preferences are reflected in growing interest in rural accommodation and outdoor experiences. Closer to home, our up to date surveys will help to deliver actionable insights into offers and experiences.

Air Access:

Airlines continue to announce the gradual return of flights. At this point
the UK Government and the Irish Government continue with quarantine measures in place, with the first review by the UK Government scheduled for 29 June. Meanwhile the airline industry awaits announcements introducing travel corridors.

Travel and Tourism Industry:

Destinations globally are taking a holistic approach to
recovery and rebuild aimed at attracting domestic visitors in the first instance alongside government led measures to enable the tourism industry as it navigates the next stage, including an extensive array of guidelines and advice.

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