06 Apr 2020

We want to hear from you, share your stories

We’re living in uncertain & challenging times, but it is amazing to see the giant spirit of our people continue to shine through. If you have any inspiring stories, videos, tutorials, etc. please get in touch & help us continue to show what NI has to offer.

What can I contribute?

We would very much welcome the below content from our industry. Please share copy, images and video where possible.

  • Content related to things that people can do safely at home:
    • Northern Ireland Recipes
    • Arts and Craft ideas
    • Wellness and exercise tips
  • Playlist and book suggestions (featuring your favourite NI bands and authors)
  • Virtual material (such as virtual video tours of museums and gardens)
  • Quiz ideas and trivia questions
  • Any other innovative ideas you may have of how we can maintain a warm dialogue with consumers about Northern Ireland at this time.

Format requirements: Video and photos should be in landscape format where possible. 
You can email us digital@tourismni.com with this content.

What can I do on my own channels?

Unfortunately, consumers can’t come to visit your experience right now but you can still encourage a warm dialogue through digital channels which will ensure that your experience is top of mind when they start planning their short break in the future.

Take some time to think about what you can do on your own channels to promote your tourism business. What can you offer people while still encouraging them to stay safe and at home?

  • A virtual tour on Facebook – bring your experience to them!
  • A fun and interactive Instagram poll
  • A live reading/ gig/ cookery demonstration
  • A blog article about local artisan businesses now doing deliveries
  • A live Q & A about your tourism experience

You can email us digital@tourismni.com with this content.

Use the hashtags #disoverni and #embraceagiantspirit and tag Discover Northern Ireland on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be part of the conversation.