NI Domestic Market. Your key to recovery.

This programme is designed to support your business develop a clear road map and action plan to capitalise on the vitally important Domestic Market in these challenging times.

The ultimate goal is to develop a compelling visitor proposition, shaped to meet the specific needs of one or more of the market segments outlined in the new Domestic Market Segmentation Strategy. There will be a focus on developing propositions which are market-ready, tied into the NI Recovery Marketing Plans in the short term, price sensitive for the domestic market but commercially viable and sustainable for the business over the longer term.

It is applicable to businesses who have been traditionally focused on the domestic market and simply need to up their game in light of the new strategy, but is also relevant to those businesses who need to “pivot” from an international market focus, in the short to medium term, as a result of the pandemic.

We hope that you have had an opportunity to read the Domestic Tourism Strategy in detail and revisit the webinar itself.

Action Planning

Following the webinar, it's now time to create an Action Plan for your Domestic Market.

Please follow the steps below to download the Action Plan template, and then return it to us once complete.


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